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About us

Good Business requiers Good Partners

GeJaConsult provides assistance and advice in several domaines for your business.

Legal advice, management solutions, HR, strategic planning, export planning, leadership, communication, media training are just some of the domaines that GejaConsult can help you thanks to the cooperation with several specialists in each domain.

GejaConsult will guide you to explore your business, to avoid commercial and legal traps and to make your business grow.

GejaConsult, your reliable partner

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Our Team & Partners


Geert Van Gijseghem



Jela Jochems

External Partner, Lawfirm

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Steven Meuleman

External Partner, Cent'Anni



From a legal background and having been a partner of a lawfirm for over 20 years, I have always been particularly interested in the commercial and management aspects within companies.


I assisted internationally acquisitions, negotiated and closed deals for my clients.


I instructed in Europe and USA leadership courses and people management courses.


In 2014 I took the step to the corporate world as managing partner for a group working in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sector and I am responsible for Regulatory, Quality, HR, Legal, IP and Risk management.


I lead and organized various international events.


I committed myself to promote our sector by being administrator in our professional Trade Association ( Be-Sup), responsible for RA & Communication.


Mr. Jela Jochems is a lawyer at the Antwerp Bar.


She focuses on criminal law, family law and corporate law in the broadest sense of the word. ​


Informing and advising clients, assisting them in negotiations, mediation where solution-oriented. being worked is my main job. ​


She has extensive litigation experience and assist clients in court when necessary. ​


She is also a trained collaborative lawyer:


The purpose of collaborative negotiation is to resolve a dispute through negotiation, in order to reach an amicable agreement.


Each party is assisted by a collaborative lawyer, who has been specially trained for this purpose." ​


Various training courses in coaching and collaborative action mean that solutions can be offered in the interest of the client other than just litigating.

My other passions:



Art & Culture



Steven, Cent'Anni



From pharmacist, over house man, to wine expert:

it is not a classic route, but for Steven Meuleman it is a logical story.


Gradually, his love for wines, in particular Italian wines, grew to unprecedented heights so that he decided to make a professional switch. ​


In realizing his dream and passion, he also receives the unconditional support of his wife Joke Jochems, general practitioner in Brasschaat in daily life.


Equally in love with La Bella Italia and everything that comes from it, she is also the driving force behind the culinary side of this ambitious Italian boutique wine trade. ​


Meet the dynamic duo behind Cent'Anni - vini e sapori -, Italian wines in Brasschaat! ​

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