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Networking and teambuilding means bringing people together to exchange ideas, develop their skills, learn from each other and develop personal growth.

Organizing network events can be very helpfull for your personal growth as well for your Company. It is not collecting contacts, but it's about planting relationships.

Building relations will contribute to the succes of your Company and enrich you personnaly.

It doesn't have to be big events that will build your community, small events like a wine-tasting, golf, yogasessions, city-walk,... can be the most valuable events for you and your Company.

Teambuilding as well, how small, big, adventurous, spectacular they might be will make your team stronger, strenghten their loyalty and proactivity and lead to succes.

Case Study

The Problem

A customer has tried several times to speak to the most important business leaders of the players present in his market about the new regulations. At events of their professional organization, or other major events, it was never possible to discuss this in depth. A meeting was often rejected for various reasons, ...

Our Solutions

A "small" network event organized by Gejaconsult with her partner Cent'anni brought solace. In an informal manner, a wine-tasting with snacks was organized at the customer's place and this turned out to be the ideal means to get everyone around the table.
Since then, such a small event is organized quarterly between them.
It doesn't always have to be spectacular to get a good result.

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