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Regulatory & Quality: Food supplements,
Cosmetics, Pharma

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As Quality and Regulatory manager at Eytelia, a Company producing foodsupplements & cosmetics based on Silicium, Gejaconsult has gained a great experience in these matters. Advice based on theory, supplemented from practice.

As a regulatory manager, and based on my legal training and experience as a lawyer, I am involved in the follow-up of regulations on a daily basis. Not only the theoretical side belongs to our knowledge, but also the practical side, such as the notification of nutritional supplements in Europe, the registration of cosmetic products, biocides. Contacts with the government such as obtaining export documents (including Free Sales Certificates), disputes, ... are practical knowledge.
Assisting you in this can be an added value for your company.

The task of Quality Management was taken up within the company and various studies and training courses in Quality provided the necessary knowledge and experience in this matter. Risk management, permanent follow-up of production, storage, batch analysis, ... are part of our range of tasks and ensure that we can assist you with knowledge.


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